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Garneau Sally MIPS Cycling Helmet

Garneau Sally MIPS Cycling Helmet
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In mountain biking, trees and rocks are never too far away, which can be quite stressful. Louis Garneau believe that you'll be less nervous knowing that you're wearing a helmet equipped with MIPS technology, a Multidirectional Impact Protection System. A rider never falls the same way twice, which is why your head must be protected from all kinds of falls and from impacts origination from any angle. The MIPS system is shaped like a plastic shell located inside the helmet. Upon impact, this shell moves inside the helmet structure. All the energy used to move the MIPS shell does not reach the head.

- Construction: In-Mold, 14 vents. Inside evacuation channels. MSB technology reinforces the perimeter for enhanced protection. A larger head covering offers greater protection at the back of the head for the trail riding demand.
- MIPS Multidirectional Impact Protection System
- Stabilizing system: Spiderlock Pro MTB
- Straps: Tri-Glide PRO adjustment
- Padding: X-Static XT2, quick-drying antimicrobial material
- Visor: RAID, specifically designed for the SALLY helmet. The V-Plus system makes it easy to install and allows the user to adjust the visor for ideal sun protection.
- Certifications: CPSC-ASTM-CEN
- Weight: 11.1 oz/315 grams