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Our Story

St Pete's Friendliest Bike Shop: Our Story

I founded St Pete Bicycle & Fitness in November of 2009 on one simple principle: friendly, reliable customer service. 2009 doesn't seem like it was that long ago, however, there is a reason for that: as a lifelong cyclist, I was tired of being nickle-and-dime'd for every tire change or small adjustment, tired of poor customer service, and tired of the limited choices I had as a consumer. With that, I chose to bring this town what it really needed--a friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful bike store! With superior employees who have known bicycles all of their life and quality, workmanship and products, St Pete Bicycles came to life. Over the last few years the store has been going strong, growing with stealth and accuracy. St Pete Bicycles has developed a wonderful foundation that keeps us going everyday: our friends, our customers.

With all that, what I enjoy the most is giving back. From shop rides to free repair classes, supporting local teams and clubs to providing assistance for local races and charity rides, and much, much more, St Pete Bicycle and Fitness is here to help the cycling community in this city grow. All I want is for you to love your bike.

St Pete Bicycles is commited to treating every single customer with excellent customer service and doing whatever it takes to satisfy their needs. So please explore, be inspired and ask lots of questions. I have dedicated my life to the bike industry and my wonderful staff and I are here to help you find your ride and make the most of your adventure, whatever it may be.

Enjoy your ride,

Mark Yeager