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Come see our selection of aerodynamic bikes and components!From tri bikes and aero helmets to computers and heart-rate monitors, to hydration systems, aero bars and wheels, we have everything you need to maximize your triathlon performance. Come in and see our selection of tri bicycles, accessories, components and clothing and get ready to go a lot faster!

Giant's Advanced 27.5 Mountain Bikes Unleashed!

Giant's 27.5-inch wheel mountain bikes, the Trance, Anthem and XTC set new standards in off-road performance. You get a light, efficient and nimble-handling carbon frame rolling on large 27.5-inch wheels for awesome control and energy savings on even the most technical trails. Come check out our Giant 27.5s in person and prepare to be as amazed as we are.

We've Got Giant Bicycles For The Whole Family!

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Join our Strava Club to find out about rides or just to be a part of the cycling movement and see the routes and rides that are a part of our local community! 



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Today's Tip

The Stand-over Test Is Just A Start - The stand-over test, which you may have used or heard about, is a quick, ballpark-only indicator of whether a certain-size bike will fit. It's simply done by straddling the bike and checking the clearance between the crotch and top frame tube. On bicycles designed for road use, you usually want about one to three inches of clearance (depending on the size and design of the bike). On off-road models, which usually have sloping top tubes and long seatposts, more clearance is needed. Look for three to six inches (depending on size and design). There's a lot more to a proper bicycle fit than stand-over clearance and on some bicycles, especially those with compact frame designs, it doesn't tell you enough to judge fit. Be sure to ask us for expert advice in selecting the right size bicycle and getting it fitted correctly, too. We're always happy to help.

Check Out Our Felt Bicycles!

No matter what type of cycling you enjoy, Felt bicycles ride as great as they look. From the track to the trail, city streets to the Champs-Élysées, there's a Felt ready to make every ride easier, faster and more fun. Try a Felt today!

Feature Items

Electra Black Betty 3i - Women's
Electra Black Betty 3i - Women's - 2015
Product Rating
5.0 stars
 (1 Review)

Electra's Black Betty 3i is perfect for anyone looking for an easy cruisin' machine. As functional as she is stylish, this great-riding aluminum… [more]

Electra Amsterdam Classic 3i
Electra Amsterdam Classic 3i - 2014
Product Rating
5.0 stars
 (2 Reviews)

Loaded with vintage Electra style, the Amsterdam Classic 3i's light and nimble-handling aluminum frame and included features serve up a heaping… [more]